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Sincere and Passionate … but no Skill


Sincerity and passion always make things happen … or do they?

Take a look at this.

Ashiq is the kind of guy I want on my team. He has several things going for him, namely:

1) passion
2) sincerity
3) belief
4) vision
5) some sort of ‘purity’ and innocence.

However, he lacks the critical thing that brings everything together for success … Skill (talent or knowledge).

The ‘funny’ thing is, because of his passion, I found myself somehow rooting for his success and was a little disappointed when he was not given the chance to prove himself.

I learnt the following from this video:

1) If emotional, it’s easy to place people in positions because you like their passion or vision even though they don’t have the skills to make things happen. (This happens a lot in Churches, volunteer organisations and family run businesses.)

2) Whenever assessing yourself or others for any position, it’s important to look at both ‘ability and desire’. The Book of Proverbs 19:2 actually talks about why ‘zeal must be matched with knowledge‘.

3) Placing a ‘square peg in a round hole’ can do a lot of damage or lead to suboptimal results. Had the judges allowed Ashiq to continue, all they would have done was to lower standards and delay the inevitable … him getting voted out in subsequent rounds.

4) Saying ‘No’ can sometimes be the best thing for both parties. The judges did Ashiq a big favour because he can either acquire the necessary skills and try again or find another avenue to achieve his goals.

Are you sincere and passionate about something? Do you want to ‘save the world’ or start a business?

Whilst your heart may be in the right place, take time to develop the skills needed to make your dream come true.

Focus on polishing your gift and it will make room for you.

Be blessed.


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