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Never, ever give up … just be your best


Ever felt like the odds were stacked against you?

During such trying moments, there is the ‘natural’ tendency to want to give up. There is a lot of negative self talk and voices in your head telling you to give up, quit now, end it.

Well, if this describes what you are feeling right now, I encourage you to spend the next couple of minutes watching this video clip. (ps. doesn’t matter if you don’t speak French)


Well, well, well!!!! What do you think? I have watched this finish about 20 times.

Words that come to mind are Magnifique, Extraordinaire, Incroyable, Awesome!

The French runner’s name is Floria Guei and just to give you a little history, she was not considered top tier in this tournament … she had competed in the individual 400m race, barely got out of the heats and was eliminated in the semi-finals.

When she was passed the baton in the relay, she was in fourth place with seasoned runners ahead of her. Even the French commentators were resigned to defeat and were saying, “Mais ce n’est pas possible!”.

However, never say never … it was possible, she did it and is now the Champion of Europe.


She kept her eye on crossing the finish line and winning the race for self and country. She was focused, determined and did not look to her circumstances, but just run her race … and boy, did she run it well.


What race are you in? Have you been passed a crummy baton? Does it look like you are never going to win, because others are so far ahead.

Maybe you did not grow up with the right circumstances or life has dealt you a wrong set of cards and all you can see is failure around you.

Whatever it is, just realise that its not over till its over. Don’t throw you baton down and exit the race, but let your goal be to cross that finish line.

You know something, Floria, run her best time that day and I believe it was due to the adverse circumstances she faced. She dug deep and did it and you can do the same too. No matter what you are going through, look INward and look UP to God and He will ensure that you finish your race … in your best possible time.

Stay blessed or as my French friends will say it … Restez béni!


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