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Making Wise Choices


Ever been at a crossroad and had to make a choice on which path to take? It could be whom to marry, what job to take or something simple as what piece of furniture to buy.


If you will have to make any important decision soon …, read on!

The KEY to making wise choices is to let God lead you in any decision you make.

A big part is trusting God and giving Him the permission to choose what is right for you … and it’s possible you may not initially like His choice for you.

This is called submitting to His authority and believing that He knows best.

Look at a parent and child relationship – a child wants everything he/she sees but as a parent, you know what the child needs right now. A 7 year old may want to drive a car but a wise parent will give that child what is age appropriate e.g. a bike. As the child matures, the other desires are fulfilled.

Several years ago, I came to the realization that God is FOR me because on many an occasion, God saved me from myself. He saved me from my own poor choices, righted my ‘sinking ship’ and placed me on the path to success.

As a result, I have no problem praying according to this verse in Proverbs 30.

Being able to pray according to this verse is essential if you want God to rule and make wise decisions in your life.

Praying this verse effectively gives God the authority to say NO to my own desires and YES to the future plans He has for me.

It puts Him in the driving seat to determine what is good for me and because I know His thoughts for me are thoughts of peace (Jeremiah 29:11) I can rest assured that all things will work together for my good.

God knows my future, so He knows what type of spouse I need, what career and personal experiences I need to have and even where I should live at each stage of my life.

So each time before making a decision, I humble myself and take time to reflect on His word and promises to me whilst acknowledging that I do not know it all.

Do you sometimes go for things that may just not right for you but have become a ‘must have’ because others have it.

Are you living beyond your means due to peer pressure or keeping up with the ‘Jones’s’?

Are you dating the wrong person or engaged in certain behavior, just to be cool and fit in?

The first thing to do is pause and ask why you are doing what you do. The next step is to ask yourself if these choices are leading to a fulfilled and balanced life.

If not, then its time to change how you make choices and ask God to ‘feed’ or give you what is convenient for you.

How do you do this? It’s by saying a simple prayer to God on anything that bugs you.

Looking for a job? Pray that God will give you a JOB convenient for you.

Looking for a house? Pray that God will give you a HOUSE convenient for you.

Looking for a spouse? Pray that God will give you a SPOUSE convenient for you.

Looking for X? Pray that God will give you an X convenient for you.

It’s always better to get what is right for YOU rather than what looks good on someone else. Don’t live your life or fight your battles using someone else’s tool. (Ps. David did not fight Goliath with Saul’s armor. He did his own thing and used just stones and a sling to accomplish a great deal).

Don’t marry someone to impress your friends or buy a house in a certain neighborhood because your friends live there. What’s good for them may not be good for you.

Have courage to go for what you know is God’s best for you and your future, even though others may disagree or look down on you.

God must be central to all this because He created you and has awesome plans tailor made to make you the best you possible.

The wisest choice you can ever make is to trust Him.

He knows what you need and has already got them ready. All you have to do is trust Him to be faithful and true to His word.

Will YOU do that?????

Listen to this song, trust God and be blessed.


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