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A key to success in any endeavour is to concentrate or focus on your goal or objective.

As you can see from the cartoon below, the goal of your adversary is to do the same to you – in their case to distract you thus ensuring a ‘strike out’.

In situations like this, it’s important to listen to the voices going on in your head and determine who or what you should really listen too.

You must not quit or do something dumb and get disqualified.

What are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to finish a college degree, start up a new business or repair a broken relationship? Are things going haywire despite your best efforts to make things happen.

Whatever it is keep your eyes on the prize and FOCUS, which also stands for:

Follow – Keep moving ahead.

One – Be of a single mind (not double minded)

Course – One direction


Successful – Victory

Who should you focus on in times of uncertainty? Well, it depends on who influences you.

As a Christian, firstly I choose to focus on and listen to Him who 1) keeps me in perfect peace and 2) has taken away the spirit of fear and given me a Spirit of Power and a sound mind.

After being in His presence and crowding out other voices, I gain the confidence to go ahead despite the odds.

Whatever you are facing today, there is someone with a solution to your problem and He is longing for you to reach out to Him. He is waiting on you to take the first step … will you?

Be blessed!



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