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Don’t Give Up – Finish Well


I just can’t take it anymore, this is just too much! Its too difficult and not worth continuing! I GIVE UP!

Ever felt that way about a situation? Maybe you just started a business and the recession hit … now you think it was the biggest mistake ever and feel like throwing in the towel; or you are studying for a difficult exam; or trying to make your marriage work.

When things are not going according to ‘plan’, it’s easy to feel betrayed by God because He has somehow ’let you down’.

You begin to doubt your ability to hear from Him and your faith is weakened.

Giving up then becomes an option … however before you decide on that, watch this video.

Valley experiences can be difficult because when you look up, all you may see are mountains of ‘problems’. However, with a Godly perspective you will see these ‘problems’ as opportunities for growth. You will realize these trials are there to ‘make you’ not ‘break you’.

In the Bible, King David overcame trials because whenever he ‘walked’ into a valley he knew God was with him … and guess what, that same God is with you too.

God will not give you more than you can bear and He has given you the grace to cope and go through it. Don’t stop praying for that child or marriage. Don’t stop fighting that disease and don’t let that situation defeat you.

Giving up is always the easiest option. Derek Redmond could have … but he did not give up in the video. Why? Because even though he could not win the gold medal, at least he could finish his race.

Remember that, weeping (pain, frustration, discouragement and failure) may endure for a night but joy (success, victory, release) comes in the morning.

Keep on keeping on and God will see you through and give you victory in His own time.

Be blessed

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