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Be Prepared


Like the old saying goes ‘stuff happens’.

Well, how do you respond when ‘stuff’ happens to you, unexpectedly, like in this video?


I bet that made you smile, but in real life it’s no laughing matter.

Unexpected events like this can cause ’road rage’ and serious heartburn if you do not keep your emotions in check.

I have found that the best way is to plan ahead for the unexpected and devise solutions to anticipated problems.

In life, whether at work or at play, it helps to think ahead about possibilities – both positive or negative. Preparation and forethought may eliminate or lessen the impact of any surprises or curve balls life throws at you.

As Christians, we have additional help in the form of the Holy Spirit. Through His fruit of peace and self control, amongst others, we can rise above any adverse circumstance and live a victorious life.

If you are interested in knowing more about Him, just touch base with me and i’ll be glad to introduce you to Him.

Stay blessed.


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