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At Least He Tried


This video is very, very funny … well sort of!


After the laughter died down, it struck me that although most people will laugh at Robert, he did something most people only talk about … he had the courage and self belief to put himself out there.

Yes, he was not sure about it all but, he showed up, may have looked like a fool, gave it his best and got something lots of us never get in life … honest feedback.

Although it may have been labelled the ‘worst audition ever’, for Robert it was beneficial, because he left there knowing his capabilities and what he could not do. He now probably has a clearer picture of his future and can stop dreaming about being a pop star!

You see, Robert has lived his dream.

Now, lets talk about you! What are you doing about your dream? Have you put something out and been tested? Have you written that book or asked that stunning girl out, knowing that someone’s bound to ridicule you. Or are you playing it safe and still in your harbour, not setting sail.

Remember … its better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all.

Most people focus on the fact that, due to fear, Peter started sinking after walking on water. What most people forget is that Peter did something most of us have never done – ‘He walked on water’. Have you?

My advice is ‘always do YOUR best’ and even if it’s not good enough for others, you can always look back and know you lived your life to the max.

That’s what I am doing with this blog. It may not be perfect but hey, I am giving it my best shot and living my dream.

What about you? Are you living your dream? … I hope so.

Be blessed


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