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Hi, I am Titi and I write about a whole lot of stuff. I like to keep it short and sweet, hence the name ‘mylittlebook’.

Was born in the UK many moons ago, spent my formative years in Ghana, moved back to the UK, went to University, graduated with an economics degree and then got ‘born again’. Embarked on an international career as a strategy and economic analyst, spent 10 years living and working in the US and Canada, came back to the UK where I fellowship in an awesome church and try to serve God faithfully. I’m married to Nanni and we have two wonderful children.

My passion is to present God’s word with simplicity and clarity whilst sharing insights that hopefully inspire, enlighten, encourage, bless and challenge. I also love helping others discover and develop their God given gifts.

If you like mylittlebook and have questions or are interested in having me over to share a few more insights, feel free to get in touch … I do respond to everyone.


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